Argentina and Patagonia

Argentina was the last country we visited on our Round the World journey in 2018. We timed our travels perfectly, as the exchange rate in the Fall of 2018 was 37 Argentinian pesos to 1 US dollar (37:1). By way of comparison, the exchange rate just nine months prior was 15:1, with 40% inflation for the year. This meant a price conversion difference of more than half. Or, another way to look at it is that we received twice as many pesos for a single dollar (100% increase) than travelers did nine months earlier, while prices only increased 40%. In US dollar terms, we paid 60% less for goods and services in the Fall of 2018 than tourists did in January of 2018. Sweet!

Argentina’s inflation/deflation cycle is like a pin ball, constantly bouncing around, as is the relative strength of the US dollar. Adjust the prices I’ve mentioned in my posts relative to the current exchange and inflation rates when traveling to Argentina.

We spent two months traveling through Argentina, from the rain forests of Iguazu, to the deserts of Jujuy Province, to the majestic mountains of Patagonia.