We had been in Vietnam for over a month as part of our 2018 Round the World circuit and took a three-day side-trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to visit the Angkor temples. I learned more than I expected, not only about the Khmer civilization's religious complex, but also about the hot mess that is Cambodia's current political state. At the intersection of the two, did you hear the sordid rumor that the Cambodian government rents out Angkor Wat to a private company that pockets much of the ticket sale profit?  It's partially true! Enjoy the blog post for the photos and a little insight into ancient Angkor. Read the short e-book for a primer on all the things we never learned about Cambodia.  

Cambodia's Modern History: Travelers' Cliff Notes

Short e-book describing rise of Khmer Rouge, Vietnamese Occupation, Paris Peace Agreement and today's political climate.