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Lost In Translation: Nepal

Lost In Translation: Nepal

It’s Monday morning in Kathmandu and we head to the Chinese embassy to submit our visa paperwork. When we arrive, the Chinese embassy is closed. Our conversation with the Nepalese guards:

Guard: “Embassy is closed today and tomorrow. Open Tuesday.“

Caffrey: “Tomorrow is Tuesday.” 

Guard: “Yes.”

Caffrey: “You said they are closed tomorrow.”

Guard: “Yes for holiday. They are not open today.”

Caffrey: “But they are open tomorrow.”

Guard: “No. Closed tomorrow. Open on Tuesday.”

Caffrey: “Tomorrow is Tuesday. They are closed tomorrow?”

Guard: Ambiguous head shake. “Labor Day. Closed today.”

Caffrey: “Yes, we see that. And closed tomorrow too, yes? They will re-open on Wednesday, right?”

Guard: Long pause. “They will be open half day. In the morning.”

Caffrey: “When? Tomorrow or Wednesday? What do you mean open half day?”

Guard: No response.

Caffrey: ? Pulls out calendar. Explains today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday. “They will re-open on Wednesday, correct?”

Guard: pointing to Thursday and with confidence “Open on 3” <May 3>

Caffrey: “What about Wednesday? May 2?”

Guard: Ambiguous head shake. “In the morning. For two hours only.”

<This would be normal hours, since the Chinese embassy is only open from 9:30-11:30 am daily.>

Kathmandu, Nepal: Raw and Authentic

Kathmandu, Nepal: Raw and Authentic

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